Our Debt Collection & Recovery Philosophy


Collection Process:

At DRP, our collection philosophy is the cornerstone of our success. A tried and hardened process that will ensure the expeditious turnaround of your client accounts. Time and time again this collection philosophy has proven itself by paying handsome dividends. It is one that starts off quickly from the moment the account is transferred over. A cordial demand letter and a friendly telephone call are the initial steps in which DRP notifies the debtor that their obligation has been placed in our hands to collect. The process picks up steam if the debtor proves to be pesky and prolongs payments. As time elapses, the collection philosophy of DRP becomes a relentless and all out assault, culminating in legal action if so desired by the client.

Collection Process:

From the moment the account is placed with DRP, the debtor is contacted via the first of a series of three Demand Letters. What is important to note is that this notification to the client could come from either the our collection agency or from one of the many law firms in our network. The importance of this can not be understated as it send a clear and strong message to the debtor that legal action is well with in reach if circumstances deem them necessary.

Along with the demand letters, follow up telephone calls take place informing the debtor that the debt obligation has been placed in the hands of a law firm. Following the first Demand Letter, additional demand letters are sent at the 30 and 60 day marks. Each of these letters contain strong language then the previous informing the debtor that legal action can follow very quickly.

Skip Tracing:

In many cases, accounts placed contain debtor information that is no longer valid. These accounts are placed in a special status known as Skip Trace, which requires extensive work to hunt down the debtor who has moved from their initial place of residence or changed their contact details. DRP has been extremely successful in tracking Skip Trace debtor down and convincing them to payoff their obligation.

Collection Tools:

DRP’s success is directly linked to the process and tools that we employee. We spare little expense to ensure that the state of the art tools are leveraged. They included:

  • Accurint
  • Post Office Change of Address Database
  • Dunn &amp Bradstreet
  • Voter Registration
  • National Attorney Network
  • Reverse Directory Assistance
  • Credit Reports
  • Caller ID
  • Division of Corporations
  • Various Internet-based Tools
  • Department of Motor Vehicles

Client Reporting:

In addition to having many advanced tools in the industry, DRP maintains a technically advanced computer network and database environment. One that allows our clients the ability to access and view the progress of their clients accounts, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, from any Internet connected PC. Additionally monthly reports are produced and set out outlining the status of all accounts placed with DRP. This allows you to view a quick and convenient report every month just in case you do not have the time to access our collection database to get an update.

Monthly Billing:

DRP works in Gross revenue mode, meaning that all debt collected for our clients are sent directly to them. In doing so, you as our client have full control over your receipts and are booked immediately upon receiving. At the end of each month, DRP provides you the client with a monthly report outlining each account and amount collected during the month. We outline our fees based only on what we collect and provide you with a bill for the DRP services rendered.