New York Debt Collection Attorneys


For those cases that require more leverage to convince debtors to pay their obligations, legal proceedings can be perused at the request of our clients. Our Debt Collection Attorneys throughout the United States have the ability to quickly request legal action. This eliminates many delays with sending out letters associated with standard collection agency practices and mailings. Pursuing legal action can commence immediately if so desired by the client. This approach provide our clients with many options to choose from. Once a judgment is secured, post-judgment enforcement is expedited which may include any or all the following:

  • Restraining of Bank Accounts
  • Restraint of Stocks, Bonds
    and/or other Investments vehicles
  • Seizure of Property and Assets
  • Income Garnishments
  • Auction Sales of Property and Assets

Attorney Forwarding:

For those cases that need to be processed outside of New York state, DRP maintains a network with Attorneys in all 50 States to process appropriately. If DRP has been unable to collect via it collection process, then a determination to pursue legal proceedings is made by our client. The case is then forwarded on to one of our In-Network Attorney for processing and judgment securing. All this happens behind the scenes and without client involvement. All you need to do is deposit the received funds once they are collected and sent to you.